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We have a completion time of 3 working days for our valuations, determined by certain factors. Ons het 'n voltooiingstyd van 3 werksdae vir al ons waardasies, daar is sekere faktore wat die voltooiing kan beïnvloed.

Faq Accordion

  • Why you need an Asset Valuation

    Fully motivated reports will assist you in determining the underlying value of your assets for a range of purposes
  • What does a valuation cost?

    Valuation varies depending on the type of property and it's location
  • What is the difference between SA's Council for the Property Valuers Profession & Institute of Valuers

    The Institute is a voluntary association the Council is a statutory body dealing with the compulsory registration
  • In which areas do you do valuations?

    Across South Africa and a typical valuation takes about 3 days


Pendio Valuators operate as a specialist team of accredited professionals through a diversified network of branches across South Africa. If you want monthly info of Valuating News in SA - please sign in