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Property Valuations Gauteng

Pendio Valuators property valuation division is a dedicated team whom specialises in market valuations, valuators for all residential, commercial and agricultural properties (as well as servitudes, if applicable). Located in Gauteng our team has more than 30 years of experience in property valuations combined.

We have qualified valuers whom are registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession as well as with the South African Institute for Valuers.

Types of valuations offered:

  • market valuations for
    • resale
    • financial
    • estate
    • divorce
    • tax
  • replacement valuations for insurance purposes on:
    • residential properties
    • sectional title properties
    • commercial property
  • valuations of servitudes
  • agricultural valuations
  • valuations for land claims

Our valuation package includes:

  • a site visit, including a comprehensive inspection of the property
  • a complete set of photographs of the property
  • obtaining and examining of all market and relevant valuation information regarding the property
  • municipal authority information, e.g.: zoning, building plans, municipal value, etc.
  • a title deed check
  • a comprehensive valuation report or a valuation certificate

Please Note: our fee structure is in line with the fees prescribed by the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession. Please contact our Valuations department for a personalized quote or for any further information you may need.

Pendio Valuers Valuations is a dependable valuation company based in Gauteng whose responsible, experienced and qualified staff are skilled at delivering fast and accurate valuations that you can confidently use to make financial decisions.

Pendio Valuers  are members of the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession and the South African Institute of Valuers.

Valuators Guarantee

We guarantee that our valuations will be comprehensive and accurate and will be a report upon which you can confidently make a financial decision.

Up front quotation

All you have to do is contact us and we will send you a free quote. Be assured of our prompt and trustworthy valuations in assisting you in making the right decision.

Valuation Experience

Broad experience gained over the years in the property industry, coupled with access to the most up to date property data bases in the country, allows Pendio Valuers to affordably and competently value all classes of property.

Save money by getting a professional valuation of your property by Pendio Valuators.

Our valuation reports are comprehensive and up-to-date which include:

  • Current owner’s details and when the property was purchased and for how much - useful information if you are negotiating a deal
  • Correct legal description of the property sourced from the Deeds Office
  • Stand size
  • Details of the property being valued such as size, construction, condition etc
  • A valuation of the property based on the most suitable valuation method to meet your requirements
  • Recent sales of property in the area
  • Data base information
  • Photographs and much more

At Pendio Valuators, we provide all forms of valuation and advisory services across most categories of property types. Different property types require the use of different valuation methodologies. Generally income producing properties require the utilisation of a detailed discounted cash flow analysis or the first year’s income capitalisation method. Specialised properties require the use of specialised methodologies and the comparable sales method is used for the valuation of residential properties and land etc. For insurance purposes, the estimated new replacement cost method is utilised and the depreciated replacement cost method can be utilised for market value purposes, where properties of a special or unique nature are encountered.

We are able to adapt our report formats to accommodate specific requirements and our services cover a wide spectrum of valuation purposes:

  • Market value for financial statement, disposal or acquisition purposes
  • Alternative use valuations
  • Developments
  • Market rental determinations for new leases, renewals or rental disputes
  • Estimated new replacement cost (ENRC) or Depreciated replacement value (DRV) for insurance purposes
  • Forced sale values for liquidation purposes
  • Valuation of assets for security purposes (mortgage finance)
  • Releasing of guarantees
  • Divorces
  • Valuations for rating purposes in order to appeal municipal valuations during supplementary valuation rolls
  • Valuations for expropriation purposes
  • Valuation of servitudes
  • Land claims
  • Valuations required to determine values for mergers or take-overs
  • Valuations for division of family or business property assets
  • Arbitration
  • Estate duty
  • Capital gains tax 

In addition to providing property valuation services, we have formed partnerships with various property professionals specialising in various fields of expertise, so as to provide our clients with a "1 stop service" for all their property related requirements.

This benefits our clients as follows:

  • Quicker turnaround times as info is passed between divisions and a collaborated team effort occurs.
  • Discounted rates as savings are passed onto our clients
  • Less fuss & admin, as there is 1 point of contact

Each particular service is discussed in more detail under its respective tab under our services pages.


Why Pendio Valuators (Valuations and Asset Solutions)?

Pendio Valuators prides itself in offering decades of experience in providing competitive, reliable and credible valuation services anywhere in the country. No matter the size of the risk, we take the exact same care when undertaking your valuation.

Reliability & Accuracy

  • Obtain balance sheet accurate valuations that will stand up in a court of arbitration.
  • Be afforded peace of mind with a reliable and valid valuation backed by our extensive research and expert opinions.
  • Receive adequate analysis and valid conclusions counter-signed by a professional qualified Valuer.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) mitigates your risk of being exposed to unfavourable, inadequate valuations or assessments.

Credibility & Integrity:

  • Our ethos of professionalism, honesty and integrity are unconsciously and consistently entrenched as key drivers to our success as we accept accountability for every aspect of our valuation services.
  • Registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession and compliant with Property Valuers Profession Act 47 of 2000 code of conduct, we are committed to ensuring excellence in everything that we do.
  • Our Valuers are all registered members of the South African Institute of Valuers dedicated to serving the public interest by advancing high standards for members of the profession.


  • Our customers benefit from more than a century of experience within the asset and property valuation market.
  • Launched out of the financial valuation industry almost 12 years ago, we have achieved exponential growth to become the largest independent valuation services company in South Africa.
  • Backed by major investors and a team of specialist consultants we are positioned as a formidable partner to drive sustainable valuation and asset solution services to achieve maximum return on investment.
  • With a strong national footprint we have the ability to value any asset across the country and are recognised as leading pioneers in the industry, committed to consistently driving innovation throughout all areas of our client’s asset portfolios. 

Property Assessor Gauteng

Valuers and appraisers establish the monetary worth of property, merchandise, business assets, objects d' art, precious stones, motor vehicles and household effects.

In recent years the term 'valuer' has been used to describe a person who determines the value of immovable property, while the term 'appraiser' is used to describe a person who determines the value of any property, merchandise, goods and assets for purposes of managing deceased estates.

Valuers and appraisers use the most readily available comparable facts and examine goods for condition and authenticity.

They provide information for the parties concerned with the sale or expropriation of property. They may also be called upon to establish the value of security offered for a loan or mortgage. They assess the value of properties to enable local authorities to raise rates and taxes. They ascertain the value of company assets and shares. They evaluate the amount of cover and claims for insurance and estimate the value of plant and machinery.

It is obvious that in every instance the good judgement of valuers is of cardinal importance to the parties concerned, because vast sums of money are at stake.

Valuations and Appraisals

Understanding the value of assets is key to being able to sell them, selling assets is a key to understanding their value.  Just the kind of challenges that Pendio Valuators love to take on.  A lot of confusion arises around what a valuation is and what an appraisal is…

A valuator is qualified, someone with a University degree from an Accredited institution. They are specifically trained to value fixed property, from houses to vacant land, to skyscrapers. This is a highly technical process and is based on a host of information which could include legal descriptions, engineers’ reports and market and replacement values.

An appraiser is someone with vast experience on asset values who has been appointed by the Minister of Justice as an expert on appraising loose assets. An appraiser will determine the value of moveable assets. An appraisal is a legal document that can function in a court of law.

There are limited appraisers in South Africa, and we happen to have an appraisers of the High Court in our team.

Pendio Valuators specialises in all things that have wheels – from heavy commercial vehicles to super cars, from passenger vehicles to LDV’s.  All rolling stock and mining equipment, but we access and value other loose assets like collectibles, fine art, watches and jewellery.

We also have a host of expert valuers determining value of your property, and help you come to understand exactly what your property is worth, and even more importantly, why is it worth a certain amount.

Pendio Valuators provide you with both appraisals and valuations that can provide forced sale, retail and market value appraisals depending on your requirements.

Appraisals are done for various reasons, most often including the following:

  • to understand the value of items in order to settle disputes
  • for estate purposes after someone has died
  • for tax purposes
  • for insurance purposes
  • to support mergers and acquisitions
  • for corporations to give the correct values to stakeholders in Annual General Reports

At Pendio Valuators, we do not handle business valuations in-house, however we have experts who we partner with should you require this service. We will be integral in valuing any physical assets of the business, but the final financial valuation will be handled by the experts that understand the value of numbers!

Once we understand your needs, we will send an appraiser or valuator that is best suited to your asset class. 

Loose Assets Gauteng 

Plant, Machinery & Asset Valuations

The specialised Plant, Machinery & Asset division, was formed in order to fill a gap in the market and provide streamlined plant and machinery valuations through a professional and cost effective service, benefitting our clients' with 1 point of contact.

Our investigative team prepares expert valuation reports of plant, machinery and equipment for:

  • Company flotation's
  • Statuary purposes
  • BEE takeovers or mergers
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Financial statements
  • Insurance
  • Sequestrations
  • Economic planning
  • Relocation and viability Studies
  • Machinery leasing
  • Asset register reconciliation

Scope of expertise includes all categories of assets from residential furniture and appliances, office equipment through to heavy plant equipment in obscure places, even 1 000 metres underground!

  • Petrol refineries
  • Sugar mills
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Electricity generation plants
  • Mines (gold, coal, diamonds)
  • Abattoirs

Faq Accordion

  • Why you need an Asset Valuation

    Fully motivated reports will assist you in determining the underlying value of your assets for a range of purposes
  • What does a valuation cost?

    Valuation varies depending on the type of property and it's location
  • What is the difference between SA's Council for the Property Valuers Profession & Institute of Valuers

    The Institute is a voluntary association the Council is a statutory body dealing with the compulsory registration
  • In which areas do you do valuations?

    Across South Africa and a typical valuation takes about 3 days


Pendio Valuators operate as a specialist team of accredited professionals through a diversified network of branches across South Africa. If you want monthly info of Valuating News in SA - please sign in