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Valuators and Appraisers

We provide our valuation services across all the regions of South Africa
Pendio Valuations are members of the South African Institute of Valuers, the South African Council for Valuers and have the ability to provide our services and assistance on short notice

Our valuation package includes:

  • a site visit, including a comprehensive inspection of the property
  • a complete set of photographs of the property
  • obtaining and examining of all market and relevant valuation information regarding the property
  • municipal authority information, e.g.: zoning, building plans, municipal value, etc.
  • a title deed check
  • a comprehensive valuation report or a valuation certificate

Meet Our Team

We are a dedicated team which specialises in market valuations and/or replacements valuations for all residential, commercial and agricultural properties (as well as servitudes, where applicable).

Faq Accordion

  • Why you need an Asset Valuation

    Fully motivated reports will assist you in determining the underlying value of your assets for a range of purposes
  • What does a valuation cost?

    Valuation varies depending on the type of property and it's location
  • What is the difference between SA's Council for the Property Valuers Profession & Institute of Valuers

    The Institute is a voluntary association the Council is a statutory body dealing with the compulsory registration
  • In which areas do you do valuations?

    Across South Africa and a typical valuation takes about 3 days


Pendio Valuators operate as a specialist team of accredited professionals through a diversified network of branches across South Africa. If you want monthly info of Valuating News in SA - please sign in