The moment you become an owner in a sectional title scheme, you enter into a series of interlocking relationships – largely with people you don’t even know – that will affect what you can do with your property, how you can use and enjoy your home, and the demands that can be made on your finances.

Modern society requires the professional risk bearer, the insurer, to give a measure of certainty against the possibility of loss due to a contingency or unforeseen event. William Shakespeare’s expression in Sonnet 3: “All losses are restored and sorrows end”, gives an apt yet robust description of the public good that the short-term industry has brought to our society. Short-term insurance transfers risk from the generally risk averse public to the professional insurer thereby bringing peace of mind to the businessman and ordinary homeowner, alike, and makes the costs of daily life and conducting business more certain.

Faq Accordion

  • Why you need an Asset Valuation

    Fully motivated reports will assist you in determining the underlying value of your assets for a range of purposes
  • What does a valuation cost?

    Valuation varies depending on the type of property and it's location
  • What is the difference between SA's Council for the Property Valuers Profession & Institute of Valuers

    The Institute is a voluntary association the Council is a statutory body dealing with the compulsory registration
  • In which areas do you do valuations?

    Across South Africa and a typical valuation takes about 3 days


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